WELCOME AT VIDEODVD.CH - A responsive Website by Skatetrix Sport Company!

WELCOME AT VIDEODVD.CH - A responsive Website by Skatetrix Sport Company!

MADELEINE BIANCHI - Greetings from Winter Wonderland!

In the fresh air and in the radiant light of the winter wonderland you get clear thoughts!
In my case, about rule of law, corruption, kleptocracy and nepotism!


The pretense that is always used to inhibit urgent actions for the elimination of existing social or political grievances!
Peculiar, that this pretense is always used by the same folks!
«Such actions are severe infringements of the rule of law, blah, blah, blah!»
Aren't these the same crooks, who have benefited for years, or even for decades of these grievances?
And of course, they intend to continue to profit of any mess!


Corrupt leaders of the government misuse their political power to embezzle huge sums of money out of the state funds!
All at the expense of the tax-paying citizens!
Of course, outside the otherwise so frequently invoked rule of law!


Kleptocracy works only if suitable stooges get integrated into this corrupt system!
Among others, they are used for the remittance of the stolen monies in foreign states.
For the case of the loss of our power!
Our stooges are caught in our corrupt system like the flies in a spider web!
For they have benefited of our generous bribes!
Or of lucrative government orders, which we exclusively issued their companies!
Of the well paid positions in government apparatus or bureaucracy, which we've staffed with them!
Although they are plain and simple too unqualified for such positions!


A figment, that have to look deceptively real, so that the gullible people can be easily bamboozled with it!
For the benefit of those who bring this fake into the world!

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