Snow Leopard MOHAN - the cute little speaker of Skatetrix Sport Company

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MADELEINE BIANCHI - photographer

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SNOW LEOPARD PLAYINGS | wildlife - big cat video clip


Little Snow Leopard Baby MOHAN


But already a crafty little TACTICIAN!
And despite of my present MINUTENESS I can be a FIERCE LITTLE FIGHTER!
Let me put it in a nutshell: FIGHTING SPIRIT isn't a matter of BODY SIZE!
See my VIDEO and you will understand what I mean!

Little Snow Leopard Baby MOHAN with his Mommy DJAMILA

Tiny Snow Leopard MOHAN - With his Mommy DJAMILA

Due to my MINUTENESS I have to be also a CRAFTY TACTICIAN!

I know that my Mommy DJAMILA is much bigger and stronger than myself!
Thus I apply always this very CLEVER TACTICS of mine:
Shortly before she overpowers me, I apply simply my IRRESISTIBLE CHARM!
It works always perfectly!

Little Snow Leopard Baby MOHAN with his Mommy DJAMILA

Tiny Snow Leopard MOHAN Plays with his Mommy DJAMILA

Ouch MOHAN, mommy get you in a fine headlock!
Therefore I bite her a little bit!

Mommy and I are doing Himalayan wrestling!
And Mommy is the champion I have to challenge!

Snow Leopard VILLY - I am the Daddy of MOHAN

My Daddy VILLY

I love my Daddy VILLY so much!
He is a very fair player with me, the little rascal!

If things become serious with others, he is always saying:
Don't touch my son MOHAN!! Capisce!

SNOW LEOPARDS are classified as ENDANGERED on the IUCN Red List!

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is the world's most comprehensive inventory of the global conservation status of biological species.