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African Lion Tot MARCUS - Many thanks for your Donation!

African Lion Tot MARCUS

African Lion Tot MARCUS

I'm still a tiny Lion Tot and not yet so polyglot!
But I try, to do my best!
And speak with my little Lion Heart!


Please, don't be minded, if you don't find your Language here!

Enjoy again!

And enjoy Website again!


Little African Lion Tot MARCUS says thanks in many Languages:

Thank you! - Danke! - Merci! - Grazie! - Xièxiè! - Cпacибi! - Arigatō! - Cпacибo! - Tak! - Dhan'yavāda! - Bedankt!
Kiitos! - Obrigado! - Tack! - Toda rabah! - Shokran! - Gracias! Go raibh maith agat! - Terima kasih! - Gamsahabnida!

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